Game Thread - Suns (3-1) at Pacers (1-1)

  • Michael Schwartz

    As I'm sure you know by now, they originally gave a bucket to Amare that was really scored by Diaw. Too bad. I agree 49 just doesn't have the same ring as 51, not to mention it's the difference between tonight being a career high.

  • Greg

    During the telecast they had Stoudemire at 51 points. Now I turn on ESPN, and they’re saying 49 points. What happened? Two points is obviously not a lot, but I like the sound of a 50 point game. And he was awesome. This wasn’t a Kobe/AI 50 pointer with forced shots. STAT played completely unselfishly.

    Kudos also to Lou Amundsen for stepping up when Shaq was in foul trouble. And Boris was surprisingly aggressive tonight.

    The only sore spot, for me, was Dragic. I just don’t see how he helps — although he was needed tonight without Barnes.